Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Talk about a BEAUTIFUL day!!!! High 70s to low 80s, nice breeze, sunny and not muggy! A delicious day! #3, 4 and I went to my BFF Burke's children's' party. Her daughter is 4 now and her son will be 10. They just grow too quick! We took our annual picture together, both of us thinner than we were last year so it's REALLY good! :) I think we both look pretty darn good for 37. Well, she's still 36 but only for a couple more months.

We had to leave the party so I could go to the last regular game for #2 and DH as coach. They won which means they will be playing next week in the playoff to championship.

I love this picture because #3 sat himself on his cooler in DH's shadow in order to get just a tiny bit cooler while he was off the court.


joybear said...

Both great shots!! Glad you got to spend time with her today!!
Tell the boys CONGRATS on winning!!!

Valerie said...

Damn you look good woman!